Description: ❖ Karl-August-Kiez, Charlottenburg, Berlin, DE.
Location: Charlottenburg, Berlin
Hometown: Berlin-Charlottenburg
Description: Свобода, воля, честь.
Description: Одна. И ли две. Основной канал:
Location: Россия
Description: Dum spiro, spero!
Age: 69
Location: Алтайский край, Россия
Hometown: Барнаул
Age: 3
Description: Experimental account of an Alsatian. In English mostly.
Location: France
Hometown: Paris
Description: Plutôt sur, et la nuit parfois ici.
Location: Baden-Württemberg, DE
Description: haha
Description: Technomancer and Fediverse reporter in training
About: Hi, I am Yann.

Fediverse reporter and traveler, now looking for good instances to recommend to my blog readers.

Computers, cats, books, bicycles. Sci-Fi, science, math. Music and photography. Travel.

Traveling light, long, backpacking or camping to know the land and culture. History, Architecture, foods. Europe Fan. Culture is center. In Politics, Left.

Coffee, Black with a bit of sugar. Espresso, yes please. Wine, Red of course. If hot weather, then Beer; Dark preferred.

#TechnoMancer and #FediReporter , #Writer and voracious #Reader #nobot

Aquarius with Virgo rising. INT-J. House of Ravenclaw.

Spoken & Written Languages : English. Español. Português.
Location: Spain Portugal
About: XEAM Ventures experts focus on the structure as well as operational procedures of its client’s organization. They not only keep your data safe but also keep the details of each applicant stored in their database for future access. They are the experts that showcase their expertise in attracting the finest candidates by using advanced search methodologies. The team of XEAM Ventures also establishes direct contact with the candidate to guide him or her until all the joining formalities are completed. It also provides reliable talent attraction along with the assessment procedures.
About: Guys, i am a professional writer and that is why i would like to share with all of you the link which will be really helpful for other writers as well.
Description: Böser Wolf
Location: Deutschland
Description: Writer
About: I'm a professional essay writer. I provide homework help and essay writing help. As a writer, the more specialized I am, the more hirable I become that is why I work hard to achieve results. I'm interested in marketing and graphic design.
Description: I'm an IT consultant with 15 years of experience. Staying in Florida USA. Solved many Problems regarding Session Border Controller (SBC), Class 5 Softswitch, Class 4 Softswitch, etc.
Age: 34
Location: Florida, United States
Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale
Description: Dutch guy from Rotterdam looking for my freak(s) to get it on or off
Age: 1
Location: Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Hometown: een ander sterrenstelsel
Keywords: Geluid, audio, muziek, sex, liefde, bloot
About: Ben AudioSexueel