Age: 30
Location: Sonora, México
Hometown: Hermosillo, Sonora
Description: Technomancer and Fediverse reporter in training
About: Hi, I am Yann.

Fediverse reporter and traveler, now looking for good instances to recommend to my blog readers.

Computers, cats, books, bicycles. Sci-Fi, science, math. Music and photography. Travel.

Traveling light, long, backpacking or camping to know the land and culture. History, Architecture, foods. Europe Fan. Culture is center. In Politics, Left.

Coffee, Black with a bit of sugar. Espresso, yes please. Wine, Red of course. If hot weather, then Beer; Dark preferred.

#TechnoMancer and #FediReporter , #Writer and voracious #Reader #nobot

Aquarius with Virgo rising. INT-J. House of Ravenclaw.

Spoken & Written Languages : English. Español. Português.
Description: writer
Location: FL, United States
Hometown: Miami, Fl
About: Howdy, I'm Bella. I'm an editor living in Miami. I am a fan of photography, arts, and reading. I'm also interested in writing and web development. You can read my articles with a click on the link
Age: 30
Location: Madrid, España
Hometown: Aranjuez
About: Obtener un ECG o EKG en un hospital o clínica puede ser difícil para muchos pacientes. O puede haber una larga cola en la sala de emergencias, o las pruebas pueden ser costosas.
Description: Enjoy the latest news from the informatics world.
Age: 47
Location: Baden-Würtemberg, Germany
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Age: 27
Location: Bayern, Deutschland
Hometown: Reischach
Description: Bot no oficial
Location: Espanya
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About: Bot NO oficial de
Description: Sitio publico
Keywords: relatos, terror, linux, redes
About: De vez en cuando escribo algún relato. Me gustan sobre todo los de terror, que tengan cierto aire gótico, y ubicados en el siglo XVIII, aunque en Internet publico pocos, y (lo reconozco), los que menos me gustan. Es una forma de proteger a los que creo yo que son de más calidad. Bueno, de fondo podríamos hablar sobre los derechos de autor y todo ese lío, pero este texto es una simple presentación.
Soy usuario de Linux y estoy explorando todo este mundo de las redes federadas. Me parece muy interante y con muchas posibilidades.
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WA : +855 96 373 1855
Location: Montseny, Catalunya
Hometown: Sant Celoni
About: ~ en lluita per la defensa de la natura des de 1.986 ~
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Location: London, Reino Unido
Hometown: London
Location: Baden-Württemberg, DE
About: Just checking out how Hubzilla workds
Location: DE
Description: Essayacademia
Age: 29
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About: I write great content adapted to each client. I am a clever, hard-working essayist who sets a high standard of what value writing should be. I examine carefully, summarize clearly, and produce solicitous and energetic writing.
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Location: United arab emirates
Hometown: Dubai
Location: NRW, DE
Description: This channel is an inofficial mirror of the RSS feed the Love and Sex section of The Guardian
About: writer, poet, loser, trash, photography, destruction
Location: India
Hometown: gurgaon
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About: Neo square is premium and  ultra-luxurious commercial project developed by Neo developers, It is located at sector 109, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon, haryana. Neo developer has a strong reputation in the indian real estate industry and mixed use commercial development in Gurgaon. Neo Square offers one-stop shopping convenience where multilevel air-conditioned mall and hypermarket is available.
Description: Inoffizieller Kanal, der die feed-posts weiter reicht
Location: VIC, Australia
Description: Inoffizieller Kanal, der die feed-posts weiter reicht
About: Dissens ist ein Gesprächs-Podcast über Politik, Kapitalismus und Gesellschaft. Zu Gast: Autorinnen, Forscher, Aktivistinnen und Politiker. Wir sprechen darüber, was mies ist und sich ändern muss.

Der Dissens Podcast wird von Lukas Ondreka recherchiert, gehostet und produziert. Lukas arbeitet als freier Journalist und Fotograf in Konstanz.

Ihr habt Fragen, Feedback oder Anregungen. Schreibt doch gerne eine Email.
Description: Webdesign, Bitcoin, News
Location: Germany
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Location: New York, United States
Location: Germany
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