Location: Niedersachsen, Deutschland
Hometown: Hannover
About: IT-Nerd, Hannoveraner, Johanniter & freiberuflicher Katzendompteur
Description: ApplAuD 7982 channel on hubzilla
Description: ttrpg boardgames
Keywords: ttrpg, boardgame, game, rpg
About: just a simple human doing human activities
Description: Eclectic curmudgeon. Dyadic describer. Prone to opine supine… He/Him Politics, IT, photography, science & sci-comms, climate/environment, SF, writing, snark, more...
Location: Australia
Homepage: https://infinite8horizon.wordpress.com/
About: I've worked in Psychology, Computer Science and a number of IT startups. My hobbies and interests are varied.
Description: nerd looking for friends in the fediverse
Age: 38
Location: Masschusetts, United States
Description: KI - Künstliche Intelligenz | TK - Telekommunikation | IT - Informationstechnologie
Description: Discovering Hubzilla
Description: Here for the sweetest man in the whole world, who isn't here yet... a place to keep alive the parts of my soul he rekindled when I was led to him ✨???
Description: Wir sind eine kleine, feine IT-Firma. Das Ganze ist in einem Projet geplant, welches LifeScience und Technology verbinde darf.
About: Tell us about yourself text
Description: Hubzilla account of the multigaming guild S-W-A-T in Fediverse.
About: The multigaming guild "S-W-A-T - Special Weaknesses And Tactics" is a guild for people, with and without disabilities, with a focus on accessible computer games.

Die Multigaming-Gilde "S-W-A-T - Special Weaknesses And Tactics" ist eine Gilde für Menschen, mit und ohne Beeinträchtigung, mit dem Fokus auf barrierefreie Computerspiele.

#Gaming #Inclusion #Inklusion #Accessibility #Barrierefreiheit #DigitalParticipation #DigitaleTeilhabe #VisuallyImpaired #Sehbehindert #Disability #Beeinträchtigung #fedi22
Description: I'm a passionate about programming, Linux and open source.
Location: Uruguay
Homepage: https://mfreri.com/
Keywords: linux, foss, dev
Age: 18
Location: NFK, GB
Hometown: AYH
Homepage: http://linkr.bio/rokejulianlockhart
Description: Alter Hase in IT, Naturliebhaber, Golfer, Schifahrer, Familienmensch !
Location: Kärnten, Österreich
Description: Natur und Foto, Naturführer
Location: Regionalpark Wedeler Au, Schleswig Holstein
Description: Tantric
Location: Abyss
Description: Light
Age: 21
Location: Ukraine
Description: I'm an EFL teacher from Abrantes, Portugal.
Age: 53
Location: Portugal
Hometown: Abrantes
Homepage: https://pinheirodeabrantes.pt/
About: Olá!

Eu sou português, casado com uma mulher adorável, Isabel, pai de duas lindas raparigas, Beatriz e Daniela, e sou professor de Inglês.

Gosto de muitas coisas, como podem ver na minha lista de etiquetas.



I'm Portuguese, married to a lovely lady, Isabel, father of two beautiful girls, Beatriz and Daniela, and I'm an EFL teacher.

I'm into many things, as you can see in my tag list.
Description: Aktiv in ver.di in der Gruppe Selbstständige und im Ortsverein Borken/Bocholt
Location: Bocholt im Münsterland, NRW
Homepage: https://www.rabe.social/page/solo4union/home
Location: Bavaria, Germany
Hometown: Munich
Homepage: https://snrk.de
Description: Kommt noch, erstmal hier zurechtfinden :-)
Location: Hessen, Deutschland
Hometown: Kassel
Homepage: https://www.juengling-edv.de
Description: Dutch guy from Rotterdam looking for my freak(s) to get it on or off
Location: Zuid-Holland, Nederland
Hometown: een ander sterrenstelsel
Keywords: Geluid, audio, muziek, sex, liefde, bloot
About: Ben AudioSexueel
Location: Hessen, Deutschland
Hometown: Hattersheim
Description: Retrosocialista transmarxista y plutofóbica. Ateuza militante. Assigned Avantgarde at Birth. Metadisidente afectivo sexual. Ella/elle
Age: 55
Location: Madrid, España
Location: Bulacan, Philippines
Hometown: Marilao
Homepage: https://ajhalili2006.bio.link
Keywords: open-source, webdev
Description: Felix private Diaspora


Description: Der Mos bloggt hier.
Location: NRW, Deutschland
Keywords: Coding, Software, UX, Photo
Description: Remembering when #ChipNDaleRescueRangers was good and its fanfic was even better. Then again, both is still true today.
Location: Germany
About: I developed my interest in animation in the 80s when I was stil a kid, but the one show that got me hooked more than anything else was #ChipNDaleRescueRangers when it premiered in Germany in early 1991. 15 years later, when I was twice as old, and the show returned to TV, I fully embraced being a #Rangerphile (after finding out that this exists), joined the #Rangerdom and became quite interested in the rich history of this #fandom.

I may have drifted away to here and there, but I've never fully quit.

Description: باحث في الفكر والقضاية المعاصرة
Location: لبنان
Hometown: طرابلس
Description: AKA phomic
Location: NRW, DE
Hometown: Detmold
About: fotografie geniesser DIY TheHumanCondition augenmensch  polyglott peace humanity

Been online for ages. Started with a modem, Telix, a analog telephone-line and various BBS. Then Fido for years in the wonderful Octopus BBS. Did the german translation for Frontdoor APX long ago.

Over the years my enthusiasm suffered. Digital shit is still shit, no?
Description: ICH BIN und das reicht. ICH BIN immer dafür, dass jemand dagegen ist. ICH BIN nicht lustig. ?
Location: Froschstern B,
Hometown: Golgafrincham
About: - Mediengestalter mit Ausbildung im Bereich Bild & Ton, trotzdem begeisterter Autodidakt
- Photoshop-Liebhaber und trotzdem Illustrator-Fan
- zielstrebig und trotzdem Tüftler
- von POV-Ray über Reflections zu 3DS MAX gekommen und jetzt doch mit Cinema 4D unterwegs
Je nach Lust und Laune so etwas ähnliches wie ein freischaffender Forentroll.
Description: Ich schreibe (manchmal) gerne und das "muss" (manchmal) irgendwo hin.
Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Hometown: Cape Town
Homepage: https://gadgeteer.co.za
Location: Berlin, Germany
Description: Brony since 2011. This is mostly where I plan to do things I can't do on Mastodon.
Location: Germany
About: Brony since 2011, occasional old-school maker of old-school electronic music.

Here is what I do what I can't do on Mastodon.

Ponysona drawn by habijob a.k.a. Colora Paint.

Hashtags for fediverse.info: #Brony #MLP #MLPFiM #MyLittlePony #ElectronicMusic #Synthesizer #fedi22
Description: Galego e xa iremos dicindo máis cousas...
Age: 45
Location: Galicia, Spain
Location: Deutschland
Hometown: Kassel
Homepage: https://www.mbbit.de
Description: SiQ23
Location: Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
Hometown: Stuttgart
Keywords: Twitch, Gamer, Noob, Geek
Description: Bhopal escort service at affordable rate
Homepage: https://ct.streetgirls.in/bhopal-escorts-service
Description: Through all windows I only see ♾.
About: Through all windows I only see ♾.
Grumpy greybeard. Anachronistic and impulsive. I'm here for whatever.
Collecting: Images, random thoughts, tech for humans, sometimes work.
You're most likely welcome here.
Est'd 1977.
Description: Open Blogger, Microblogger, WebPlauscher
Location: Österreich
Hometown: Wien
Homepage: https://nureinblog.at
Description: Email Marketing Company in Chennai | Email Marketing Services
Age: 28
Location: Tamil Nādu, India
Hometown: chennai
Location: Baden-Würtemberg, Deutschland
Description: no here
Age: 40
Location: Russia
Hometown: Saint-Petersburg
Description: likes topics around programming, electrical engineering, mathematics, politics, games, sometimes sport
Location: Bremen
Description: Writer
Age: 21
Description: haha


Description: Based coder
Location: Russia