Full Name:
vipin singh negi
This Course is the most comprehensive python online course on the internet.
It aims to acquaint the student with all the dictionaries, the syntax and the
functions of python in order to use python in Web applications for CGI programming,
Reading and writing into databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, as a scripting language for other software
like Autodesk Maya, in game development and also artificial Intelligence.
This Machine Learning Course Is the Most Comprehensive Machine Learning Course
with a Scope of Learning Data Analytics, Data Visualisation Along Core Concepts of Python.
It Aims to Acquaint the Student with All the Parts Consist of the Course on Data Analytics, Data Visualisation Concepts,
Machine Learning Along with a Fair Amount of Exposure on Projects and Exercises.
Data Analytics is a quantitative and qualitative technique and process to improve business profits and productivity.
Data is acknowledged, extracted, and processed to analyze and detect behavioral information. Patterns and techniques
can be dynamic as per the needs or requirements of a specific business. Big data analytics is actually a bigger term
that has concepts to perform analysis as a subhead.