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Hello there, my name isDenny Cyan, I am from Germany, I am working at Hiking Laser screed, we are a specialist manufacturer of concrete equipment. Our main products are laser screed, power screed, power trowel, truss screed, trip on power trowel as well as roller screed, please contact us if you need these items. As a Civil Design (Roadway as well as Bridge) grad, I enjoy the Civil Engineering career as well as have actually spent a lot of passion and power right into it. I have actually been proactively participating in a variety of specialist method opportunities, the standard expertise of real estate building as well as layout of some basic understanding and accumulated a lot of field experience. A series of organizational job has actually permitted me to gather useful community service experience, so that I have actually learned to believe, find out to behave, learn exactly how to deal with others, work out the organizational abilities and communication and also coordination abilities, and also cultivate the idea of tireless, ready to devote, care about the cumulative, pragmatic and modern!