Description: Ist erst mal zum Testen ob ich mit Hubzilla klarkomme
Age: 69
Location: NRW, Deutschland
Hometown: Bonn
About: Was man über mich wissen will/darf, ist alles auf meiner Homepage zu finden
Description: Remembering when #ChipNDaleRescueRangers was good and its #fanfic was even better. Then again, both is still true today.
Location: Germany
About: I developed my interest in animation in the 80s when I was stil a kid, but the one show that got me hooked more than anything else was #ChipNDaleRescueRangers when it premiered in Germany in early 1991. 15 years later, when I was twice as old, and the show returned to TV, I fully embraced being a #Rangerphile (after finding out that this exists), joined the #Rangerdom and became quite interested in the rich history of this #fandom. I may have drifted away to here and there, but I've never fully quit.
Description: Bot no oficial
Location: Espanya
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About: Bot NO oficial de
Description: Nerd, interested in lot of stuff. Usually posts bilingual and uses categories (deutsch, english)
Age: 52
Location: Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Hometown: Castrop-Rauxel
About: Interested in lots of stuff - in no particular order: Linux, cooking, photography, boats, baking bread, geocaching, Python, travelling, whatever's interesting. Being owned by two cats. Movie buff.